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Per Michigan PA 345 of 2016, which went into effect March 21, 2017, we would like to share our Zero Tolerance Policy with you.

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Why choose Yellow Cab of  Grand Rapids?

    All of our drivers are properly licensed, insured, and registered with both the State of Michigan and the City of Grand Rapids.  This ensures both your safety and that you have a professional driver providing the highest level of service to you.

How do your rates compare to other taxi companies in the area?

    We do not coordinate with other companies in the area and rate fixing among taxi companies is illegal, therefore we do not partake in this activity and do not know what other companies charge.  We do promise our rates are competetive and within the market standards.

Can I order a Yellow Cab through my Uber App?

    No, we are not part of Uber and do not work with Uber in any manner.  

Why don't you work with Uber?

    We do not work with Uber because Uber does not register their drivers with the State or City and does not require their drivers to obtain the proper licensing to operate, therefore creating safety concerns for riders, and this is something we prefer not to associate ourselves with.

If I need a taxi now how long should I expect to wait for a taxi?
    When you order a taxi by phone, our goal is to have the taxi to you within fifteen minutes, but depending on the time and day or availability of taxis it may take up to a half an hour. When you pre order your taxi online we do ask that you order your taxi two hours in advance, so that we can reserve the taxi for you and provide on time pick up.

Can my driver call me when they arrive to pick me up?

    Yes, we require a phone number when ordering a taxi, so we can contact you if there is ever a problem with a taxi picking you up on time.  If you wish to have them call you simply make a note on the online order or let the friendly dispatcher know you would like a call when your taxi arrives.

What if I need to cancel my taxi, will I be charged?

    If you need to cancel your taxi, simply do so before the taxi arrives and you will not be charged.

Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes, we accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

What is your policy towards alchohol and drug use by your drivers?

    We have a Zero Tolerance Policy towards the use of alchohol and drugs by our drivers, if you suspect a driver to be under the influence of alchohol or drugs we encourage you to report this to us immediately so that we may investigate the matter in a timely fashion.
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